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Venom Rods were developed to be the best of the best, giving anglers back the advantage over any fish! From trout to marlin, Venom has you covered.

The Venom rod range is unlike anything ever built in this country before. The range of eight Jigging style rods from 150g to 450g (PE1 to PE10) and five (5) two-piece Popper Rods that range from PE3 through to PE12 were just the start. There are now over 50 rods in the Venom range including the award winning VS7 (Rod of the Year AFTA Trade Show 2014) and the Venom Game 37kg (Best Game Rod AFTA Show 2015).

The real difference with this range is the materials used in the blank, along with our new resin system and cloth which allows us to produce a blank that will dead lift 40kg+ of weight with weights of less than 110g - something that to our knowledge no other manufacturer can claim.

However this is only the first part of the story as there is no use having all the weight lifting ability in the blank without an action that will allow the angler to fully use this raw lifting power. You can literally put as much as twice the hurt on a fish for the same amount of pressure applied to the foregrip of the rod when compared to a lot of the other similar models of rods in the country today. Combine this with stunning looks, the latest Fuji guides and all the blingy butts that anglers are after these days and you have a rod series that is capable of taking on the world.

Venom Products...

  • Cork Baitcasters

    The original Venom baitcaster range - tough, accurate and dependable.

  • Venom Rods

    The Venom range of rods is a multi-award winning series of rods designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions.

  • Crank Bait

    The ultimate in lure casting rods in the Venom range, the Crank Bait series comes in spin and baitcast to suit all fishing situations.

  • Deep Jig

    One of the original Venom rods, the Deep Jig Series gives the power back to anglers in a way that few rivals can compete with.

  • H/D Baitcaster

    Designed to be brutally efficient, the Venom H/D Baitcaster range will stop the most powerful fish on the planet.

  • Land Based Game

    A range of rods designed to take LBG fishing to the next level.

  • Long Baitcasters

    A range of longer Venom baitcaster for those looking for distance without compromising brute Venom strength.

  • Offshore

    Designed to make your next offshore fishing trip one to remember, the Venom Offshore rods deliver excellence every time.

  • Popping/Stickbait

    Built for the rigours of serious bluewater popper and stickbait fishing, the Venom Popping and Stickbait series is widely regarded as the best in a tough business.

  • Spin

    A range of rods that will take on anything from mountain trout to marlin and reefies, the Venom Spin rods are a joy to use regardless of your fishing preference.

  • Venom Game

    Award winning and built for serious anglers and serious fish, the Venom game series leaves no stone unturned in the search for excellence.

  • Ocean Warrior Game

    A tough, affordable series of game rods that will change the way you fish

  • Ocean Warrior Slow Fall

    A range of purpose-built Slow Fall jigging rods designed and built in Australia

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