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Zerek Lures is a premium lure brand that takes Australian design and couples it with high quality finishes and the latest in lure-building technology.

Beginning in 2008, the Zerek brand was conceived by a group of lure enthusiasts, professional anglers and a product development team. With over a year of research and development with the various groups, Zerek was ready to take the luring world by storm.

Every angler's fantasy is to have a perfect lure for every fishing situation. We at Zerek believe that we have come close to achieving the ultimate lure design and range to fulfill every angler's dream.

The Zerek range of lures is developed through the strictest of testing processes and employs the latest technology in lure design. Be it casting, achieving a natural swimming action or colour selection, each single product is targeted to satisfy even the most demanding anglers around the world.

With continuous effort and development, Zerek strives to achieve the perfect lure for every angler.

Zerek Innovation Products...

  • Marsh Slider Tackle Trays

    Unique trays that allow lures to dry, plastics to stay straight and anglers to get excited.

  • Hy-Braid

    A translucent braid with exceptional performance and features

  • Bulldog Crank

    A small water lure, the Bulldog Crank is perfectly suited to tangling with all manner of estuary and freshwater species.

  • Zerek

    A unique look at tackle storage that matches their unique take on lures.

  • Tango Shad 50

    Without peer, the Tango Shad has taken the small lure estuary fishery by storm with a range of colours and results that are hard to compete with.

  • Zerek LIne

    A range of braids and monofilament lines and leaders to suit all fishing conditions

  • Zerek Tools

    A sample of some of the tools made by Zerek

  • Tango Shad 69

    A 69mm version of the popular Tango Shad

  • Tango Shad 89

    The largest Tango Shad designed for estuarine brutes

  • Barra X Pro

    The Barra X Pro lure from Zerek Innovations is a shallow diving lure with an irresistible action

  • Zerek Branded

    Some fantastic outerwear from the innovative minds at Zerek

  • Ripper Diver

    A range of hard bodied lures developed in Australia for Australian fish.

  • Giant Ruby

    A deep diving, plug-style hardbody for serious fishing

  • Stalker

    A tough-as-nails wakebait designed for large surface feeding predators

  • Skittish Dog

    The Zerek Skittish Dog is a top-water fishing lure with an irresistible surface wobble of a wounded bait fish.

  • Fish Trap

    The Fish Trap is a truly innovative soft lipless crank bait that vibrates and wriggles like no other.

  • Flat Shad

    The single most innovative soft plastic swimbait to ever hit the market, the Zerek Flat Shad is the true reflection of the company's innovative approach to lures.

  • Pelagic Z

    A lure designed to take on the toughest of oceanic speedsters, the Pelagic Z comes in 140 and 180mm sizes.

  • Zappelin

    Topwater stickbaits that can handle the punishment. That was the brief for the Zerek Zappelin lures and these super tough lures deliver.

  • Zappelin 115 Sinking

    A smaller. sinking Zappelin for fishing under, in or on the surface

  • Cavalla

    The Zerek Cavalla hardbody lure uses a fast sinking action to take the lure down through the water column.

  • Thermite Popper

    Exploding topwater action is the name of the game with the ultra-tough Zerek Thermite Popper. Available in 140mm and 180mm sizes to take on the toughest oceanic predators.

  • Speed Donkey

    An ultra high speed minnow lure with multiple applications

  • Live Shrimp

    The first, the best and still the greatest soft prawn imitation. Where some lead the way, others follow and the Zerek Live Shrimp leads them all.

  • Live Shrimp Hot Legs

    A finesse version of the LIve Shrimp with UV accents to enhance the appeal of these great lures, the Live Shrimp Hot Legs takes the next step.

  • Live Cherabin

    Everything eats prawns and everything eats the Zerek Live Cherabin.

  • Live Flash Minnow Wriggly

    Super tough, super action and a micro tail that makes this lure stand out in the crowd - the Zerek Live Flash Minnow Wriggly the lure for a lot of fishing scenarios.

  • Live Mullet

    A swimbait with a very enticing action.

  • Trail Weaver

    The Trail Weaver brings an easy walk-the-dog lure to a small body making it ideal for all small water applications.

  • Poparazzi

    When silence is not golden the Poparazzi steps up to provide a loud bloop attracting predators from all areas to smash it.

  • Gandalf Frog

    Is it a frog? Is it a mouse or rat? The Gandalf Frog weaves its spell over fish all over the country.

  • Venus Trap

    A silent and violent lipless crankbait that takes as much from the finesse fishing world as it does from the in your face world.

  • Tide Trail

    A unique sinking stick bait with a deadly action.

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