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Keeper nets perform many different functions from simply keeping your catch to acting as scalers and fish cleaners.

The 309KNW allows anglers to keep smaller fish alive as this net fitted with a top hatch that is a float. This is perfect for species such as whiting, bream and trout or alternatively can be used for live baits.

The Scaler Bag is a 9 ply nylon bag that is towed behind the boat with fish such as whiting inside. As the scaler bag tumbles, the mesh strips the scales form the fish making for less mess when you're cleaning the fish back at the boat.

The Keeper Net is a more heavy duty net that can keep your catch safely over the side of the boat but also can be used as a scaler bag. This 12 ply nylon net is able to clean squid tubes as well - a traditionally time consuming and frustrating task.

Simple and effective is the motto here.

Code Description
309KN Keeper Net 12 Ply
309KNW Keeper Net Wire Collapsible
309SB Scaler Bag 9 Ply
309SKB Knotted Scaler/Keeper Bag

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