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Tough! A simple word that accurately describes the ATC Vigilance reels.

Built for the demands of heavy tackle sportfishing, the Vigilance's body and rotor are constructed from high grade, corrosion resistant aluminium to ensure the reel is built from a foundation of strength.

Supported within the aluminium body are 12 + 1 stainless steel bearings that allow this reel to operate under extreme pressure that sees up to a maximum of 30kg of drag pressure in the 16000 models, 20kg in the 5000 models and up to 18kg in the 3000 models! Additionally the drive and pinion gears are constructed from forged brass, ensuring the top level of strength through these vital components.

The ported aluminium spool is cut from a single piece of aluminium, ensuring that under these extreme loads, nothing will fail!

To create that sort of pressure, ATC has incorporated their dual drag system, with drag washers both above and below the spool. This arrangement reduces the spool wobble associated with single drag reels and gives performance the envy of many, with low start up inertia and smooth performance throughout the drag range.

The two 16000 reels provide different options for the anglers. The 16000 has a retrieve rate of 5:1, while the 16000H has a faster retrieve at 5.7:1. Each reel weighs under 700g and takes 430m of PE5 line, making this reel ideal for lure casting for species such as mackerel, GT, tuna and wahoo.

The two 5000 reels also provide a standard and high speed retrieve version with the 5000 having a retrieve rate of 4.9:1 and the 5000H picking up line at 5.7:1 ratio. Each 5000 reel weighs 450g and can swallow 380m of PE3 line.

The 3000 reels come in high speed and standard speed also. The standard 3000 has a retrievce ratio of 5.2:1, while the 3000H comes with a retrieve ratio of 6.2:1

Code Description Retrieve Line Cap Weight SRP
014VGLSW16000 Vigilance 16000  5:1 430m/PE5 700g $799.99
014VGLSW16000H Vigilance 16000 High Speed 5.7:1 430m/PE5 700g $799.99
014VGLSW5000 Vigilance 5000 4.9:1 380m/PE3 450g $735.00
014VGLSW5000H Vigilance 5000 High Speed 5.7:1 380m/PE3 450g $735.00
014VGLSW3000 Vigilance 3000 5.2:1 300m/PE1.5 280g $669.99
014VGLSW3000H Vigilance 3000 High Speed 6.2:1 300m/PE1.5 280g $699.99

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