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Wilson Fishing has used years of experience to produce a range of pots, traps and accessories that will allow you to fish legally and effectively.

With many different styles on offer, the range available will cover everyone from the occasional crabber through to the serious crustacean chaser.

Pots and traps that are legally complient for just about every state in Australia are available and will make your next shrimp, yabbie, redclaw, blue swimmer, sand or mudcrab session the most productive it can be.

Coupled with the range of accessories to help identify and find your traps and pots, Wilson Fishing has you covered.

Crab Pots and Traps

Code Description
309TOSRW Opera House Trap with 3" Rings - green
333TOSR Black Opera House Trap 80mm rings
309CTMG Crab Trap Heavy Duty Galvanised
309CTLG Crab Trap Large Galvanised
309CTRH Crab Trap Round 24 ply - orange
309CTRHS Crab Trap Round 24 ply Special- orange with black entry
309ST Opera-style Shrimp Trap 1.5" rings - brown
309BT112 Wilson Bait Trap 1 1/2" Rings
309BT2 Wilson Bait Trap 2" Rings
309BT3 Wilson Bait Trap 3" Rings
309YN34 Yabby Net 3/4" Double Ring
309YN1 Yabby Net 1" Double Ring
309BC SureCatch Bait Catcher
309CNRR 61cm Ready Rigged Crab Net 2 Ring
309CNRRSA 61cm Ready Rigged Crab Net Heavy Duty 2 Ring
309CNWB 61cm Wire Bottom Crab Net 2 Ring
309MN 60cm Wire Base Marron Net 2 Ring
309KNR 60cm Ready Rigged Koonak Net 2 Ring
309PT Pyramid Trap 60cm x 60cm
309PTQ Pyramid Trap QLD 60cm x 60cm

Crabbing Accessories

Code Description
309CR1 Sure Catch Blue/Sand Crab Ruler South Australia
309PFSET Poly Float Crabbing Set
151EBU Ezy Crab Bait Up Bag - Fits All Crab Pots
350PF4 4" White Poly Float
350PF6 6" White Poly Float
309BHWL Wilson Wire Bait Holder Lge 19cm x 23cm - black
309BHWS Wilson Wire Bait Holder Lge 13cm x 17cm - black
309BB SureCatch Bait Pouch for Crabbing 17.5cm x 19cm black
309BCL Stainless Steel Bait Clip
309BCLG4 Galvanised Bait Clips 4 piece
333S2F Net Float (Dilly) S2 Large - orange
333Y3F Net Float (Dilly) Y3 Small - brown
309CR Sure Catch Crab Ruler Sand and Mud Crab
309CRABID Includes 5 Tags, 5 Zip Ties and Waterproof Marker
309CRP35 Sure Catch Pre-pack Crab Rope 3.5mm x 10m
333CR3 Orange Crab Rope 3mm 3 ply 100m

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