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The Pro Crabbing Series of Crab Pots is designed to give crabbers access to the very best pots available.

Currently three traps are in the Pro Crabbing range, each designed to meet the raft of new regulations installed by Fisheries agencies, while still being designed to provide an elite crabbing option.

The 151DCT is the original deluxe crab trap produced by Wilson Fishing and is a 4 entry pot that has an inbuilt bait bag and has been potting exceptional crabs for years. The extra weight and size of the 151DCT means it is ideal for any marine use, whether there is heavy current or not.

The 309CTRO2 is a heavy duty, 4-entry crab trap that has a 900mm diameter and extra heavy duty mesh. Other features include brilliantly designed, collapsible aluminium struts that make set up a breeze and a built in bait bag to ensure your bait is easy to place, and importantly, remove when you're finished crabbing.

The 309CTRB2 is also a heavy duty crab trap, but with 3 entries. At 900mm in diameter, this pot has a built in 64 ply bait bag secured with a metal ring and 24 ply heavy duty mesh that means it will give you years of faithful service. Three poly posts are easily connected to spread the pot into form making this a pot an easy to use, reliable and long lasting unit.

* Always check your local fisheries regulations before use.

Code Description Weight Diametre Entries
151DCT Wilson Delux Crab Trap 4.1kg 900mm 4
309CTRO2 Wilson 4 Entry Crab Trap 4.2kg 900mm 4
309CTRB2 Wilson HD 3 Entry Crab Trap 4.6kg 900mm 3

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