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Sure Catch knives are designed to be effective and priced well.

With a range that will meet the needs of most anglers, Sure Catch has delivered excellent value for money again.

Code Description
317F520 Ballard Fillet Knife F520 with Sheath
317F526 Ballard Wide Blade F526 Knife
309SCK01 S/C 5" Bait Knife with Sheath
309SCK02 S/C 6" Knife Wood Handle with Scaler
309SCK04 S/C 6" Narrow Blade Knife with Sheath
309SCK05 S/C 6" Floating Knife with Sheath
309SCK08 S/C General Purpose Knife
317W330 W330 Fillet Knife with Sheath
309KS1 Fillet Knife Set
309SCK07P Oyster Knife Plastic Handle with Guard
578SETKNIFE4 General Purpose Stainless Steel Knife Set, 24 piece

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