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Bone Lures are designed to be multi-functional, meaning each Bone Lure can be used in a number of different ways.

This multi-function nature allows anglers to fish one lure for longer. Changing certain aspects of the lure or how the lure is attached to the leader will give the angler a completely different action.

  • DASH

    The ultimate search bait for fresh or salt

  • ENTICE 110

    A multi-function topwater lure that gives anglers all the options.


    An incredible glide bait that has interchangeable tails for different applications

  • FOCUS 130

    A versatile jointed swimbait for every angler's expeditions.

  • FURY 130F

    A walker, a tail fizzer and a popper all in one!


    A multi-function soft vibe from the team at Bone.


    A multi-purpose walker and fizzer all in one

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