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The ATC Kraven was developed as a true 100 sized baitcaster that is built for saltwater use.

Constructed with a strong graphite composite frame and precision engineered aluminium internals, as well as a CNC aluminium drive gear, the Kraven is made to withstand and perform in the harsh and corrosive saltwater environment.

The spool and handle are crafted from CNC aluminium, which also provides a high level of corrosion resistance and durability while keeping everything as light as possible. The full EVA handle knobs are comfortable and allow precise control when in use.

The Kraven has 6+1 stainless steel ball bearings that give the reel a smooth cranking experience and allow this reel to cast beautifully with a variety of weights.

Featuring 7kg of drag pressure, the Kraven is ideal for braided lines between 10lb and 30lb and is best suited to a medium heavy baitcasting rod. Two retrieve speeds are available with the Kraven 100 having a 6.6:1 retrieve ration and the Kraven 100XH having a fast 8.1:1 retrieve ratio allowing for fast pick up of slack line. Available in both left hand wind and right hand wind.

Code Description Retreive Line Cap Drag Weight SRP
014KVN100 ATC Kraven 100 Baitcaster Right Hand 6.6:1 150m/15lb braid 7kg 194g $199.99
014KVN100XH ATC Kraven 100 Baitcaster High Speed Right Hand 8.1:1 150m/15lb braid 7kg 194g $199.99
014KVN101 ATC Kraven 100 Baitcaster Left Hand 6.6:1 150m/15lb braid 7kg 194g $199.99
014KVN101XH ATC Kraven 100 Baitcaster High Speed Left Hand 8.1:1 150m/15lb braid 7kg 194g $199.99

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