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    Check out some great info on the rods suitable for chasing Murray cod with the biggest of the big lures.

The Bone Voyage series of rods was designed specifically for the travelling angler who requires more confidence in a travel rod.

The highlight feature is the elimination of uneven spread of weight in each joint, achieving a smooth bend when the rod is loaded, yet maintaining its durability, versatility and adaptability.

Available in both spinning and baitcast variations, these fast actioned, 4-piece rods are equipped with high modulus carbon fibre layers with cross weaves, which makes the blank much lighter and stiffer without compromising strength. 

Fuji K-Alconite guides for ultra sensitivity and an enhanced butt section with X-Grip wrap for superior power are essential parts of the design that stand these travel rods above others.

Each Voyage rod comes with an individually constructed soft pouch for the ultimate in protection while travelling, ensuring your rod is undamaged in transit and ready to perform.


Code Description Line Lure SRP
368BVC5104UL Voyage 5'10" 4-piece Ultralight Baitcast 2-7lb 2-8g $280
368BVC634L Voyage 6'3" 4-piece Light Baitcast 3-10lb 3-10g $300
368BVC654M Voyage 6'5" 4-piece Medium Baitcast 8-16lb 7-21g $290
368BVC664ML Voyage 6'6" 4-piece Med-light Baitcast 4-12lb 5-14g $300
368BVC664H Voyage 6'6" 4-piece Heavy Baitcast 10-25lb 10-40g $290
368BVC684MH Voyage 6'8" 4-piece Med Heavy Baitcast 10-20lb 7-28g $290
368BVC684XH Voyage 6'8" 4-piece Extra Heavy Baitcast 15-30lb 14-60g $310
368BVC704M Voyage 7' 4-piece Medium Baitcast 8-16lb 7-21g $290
368BVC704XXH Voyage 7' 4-piece XXH Baitcast 20-40lb 14-80g $300
368BVC724MH Voyage 7'2" 4-piece MH Baitcast 10-25lb 10-28g $340
368BVC734XXXH Voyage 7'3" 4-piece XXXH Baitcast 30-60lb 21-140g $320
368BVC764XXXXH Voyage 7'6" 4-piece XXXXH Baitcast 50-80lb 210g max $370


Code Description Line Lure SRP
368BVS5104XUL Voyage 5'10" 4-piece Extra-ultralight Spinning 1-6lb 1-6g $280
368BVS664H Voyage 6'6" 4-piece Heavy Spinning 10-25lb 10-40g $300
368BVS704XH Voyage 7' 4-piece Extra Heavy Spinning 15-30lb 14-70g $310
368BVS734MH Voyage 7'3" 4-piece MH Spinning 10-20lb 7-28g $310
368BVS764XXH Voyage 7'6" 4-piece XXH Spinning 20-40lb 21-90g $320
368BVS904MH Voyage 9' Shorecasting 4-piece Spinning 10-25lb 7-40g $330


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