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Wilson make and import a range of gaffs for anglers who want to secure their catch.

The options include Aussie made fibreglass models and imported fluted and aluminium gaffs.

Each gaff has a specificly chosen gaff hook that suits the strength and build of the gaff handle to ensure that no gaff is undergunned when it comes time to be used.

Fibreglass Aussie Made Gaffs

Code Description
350GF363 Fibreglass Gaff 3'6" 3/0 hook
350GF366 Fibreglass Gaff 3'6" 6/0 hook
350GF463 Fibreglass Gaff 4'6" 3/0 hook
350GF466 Fibreglass Gaff 4'6" 6/0 hook
350GF563 Fibreglass Gaff 5'6" 3/0 hook

Aluminium Gaffs

Code Description
350GH2 Heavy Duty Aluminium Gaff 2'
350GH3 Heavy Duty Aluminium Gaff 3'
350GH4 Heavy Duty Aluminium Gaff 4'
350GH6 Heavy Duty Aluminium Gaff 6'
350GHS3 Heavy Duty Aluminium/Stainless Steel Gaff 3'
350GHS4 Heavy Duty Aluminium/Stainless Steel Gaff 4'

Rock Gaffs

Code Description
350RG2 Rock Gaff 4m 2-piece
350RG3 Rock Gaff 14' 3-piece

Fluted Gaffs

Code Description
350GA1 Fluted Aluminium Gaff 1'
350GA2 Fluted Aluminium Gaff 2'
350GA3 Fluted Aluminium Gaff 3'
350GA4 Fluted Aluminium Gaff 4'
350GA6 Fluted Aluminium Gaff 6'


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