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The Defiance is the ultimate jerkbait minnow.

It features a unique tapered profile that allows a supreme wide wobble action. There are two models available, the first diving up to 1.2m with a straight retrieve and the secodn getting down to around 2m. Adding a few rips and twitches gives the Defiance an erratic all-direction darting action. 

Internally structured with a chamber that has 2 ball bearings, loud rattles can be created during the retrieve. The bearings also act as a weight transfer system during a cast, allowing the Defiance to be cast a greater distance and with more accuracy.

Available in two variations, a shallow version and a mid ranged version, the Defiance is equipped with 4x strong hooks and will bring a tough and dependable minnow option to the range.

Code Description Weight Length Dives
781DF130_ Zerek Defiance 130 20g 130mm 1.2m
781DF130MD_ Zerek Defiance 130 Medium 20g 130mm 2m



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