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Colours: 11

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The Zerek Bulldog Crank is a 38mm floating crankbait that weighs in at only 4 grams.

Ideal for targeting fish in shallow areas, this lure has a tight wobbling action as it dives to around 2m while trolling.

The Bulldog Crank's forward profile also makes it less prone to snags as the bib knocks into structure before the hooks and the floating nature allows the careful angler to rise the lure above the snag triggering bites and avoiding fouling the lure.

Available in 11 colours, including UV highlighted colours to suit varying water conditions, the Zerek Bulldog Crank will make an immediate impact on estuary and freshwater fisheries country wide.

Code Description Colours
781BDC38F Zerek Bulldog Crank Floating 38mm, 4g 11

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