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    A carbon Fibre Valiant that is incredibly light and powerful

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The Venom Spin rods are built for performance at the very top end.

Making use of the pateneted Venom blank that delivers a strong yet incredibly light blank, the Venom Spin series includes rods that are rated for 1-4kg and suited for trout and bream fishing, through to the super strong Black Bass and VS14 that can handle lines strengths of up to 60lb.

The latest in Fuji guide systems is used on all Venom Spin rods to ensure the best casting and fishing performance. The rods have all been designed by the Wilson Fishing team and they are built right here in Australia.

Incredibly tough, exceptionally durable and performace that exceeds the boundaries of what is common, that's what the Venom Spin series is all about.

Code Description Rating Pieces
RLFVS1 Venom 6' Spin 2-8lb 2
RLFVS2 Venom 7' Spin 2-8lb 1
RLFVS3 Venom 7' Spin 3-10lb 2
RLFVS6 Venom 7' Spin 6-15lb 2
RLFVS7 Venom 7' Spin 10-20lb 2
RLFVS8 Venom 7' Spin 10-25lb 2
RLFVS9 Venom 7' Spin 12-30lb 1
RLFVS10 Venom 7' Spin 15-40lb 1
RLFVS11 Venom 7' Spin 15-50lb 2
RLFVS12 Venom 7' Spin 15-50lb 1
RLFVS13 Venom 7' Spin 20-50lb 2
RLFVS14 Venom 7' Spin 20-60lb 1
RLFVBBS Venom 6' Black Bass Spin 60lb 2
RLFVBS6 Venom 5'9" Barra Spin 6kg 1


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