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    A range designed for extreme accuracy when casting


    A fluorocarbon leader for light and heavy applications

The Live Target Sardine Twitchbait is the perfect match for cruising predators in search of this prolific baitfish.

Rapidly gaining attention by seasoned saltwater anglers, this lure has an erratic action whether twitched with a slow or an aggressive retrieve. Clued in anglers can make this lure dance in the water, giving it an incredible injured baitfish action.

It has a quick start and stop action that is proven to trigger strikes and its suspending nature means the lure will hold in front of following fish, prompting more strikes.

Over the flats species such as trevally, flathead and barra will track down this lure and obliterate it, thinking it every bit the live sardine it looks to be. Worked closer to structure, mangrove jack, barra and threadfin salmon can easily be fooled into bashing this bait, while in the freshwater impoundments where barra reign supreme, the Sardine Twitchbait worked close to weed is a fail safe for anglers looking for explosive strikes and chaotic action.

Available in two sizes, the Sardine Twitchbait dives to around a metre and suspends in saltwater.

Code Description Length Weight Units Colours SRP
SST90S Sardne Twitchbait  3 1/2" 9cm 19g 1 4 $24.99
SST75S Sardne Twitchbait 3" 7.5cm 12g 1 4 $24.99

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