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Wilson XL Braid is made from super high strength fibres in an exclusive 4-strand braiding process to give a round, smooth and thin profile.

The results for anglers is easier and quieter casting, exceptional casting accuracy, increased line management and handling on the reel and in the water, and briiliant strength across the breaking strains.

A proprietary coating provides exceptional abrasion resistance, while maintaining superior strength and durability.

Get improved sensitivity and more efficient hook sets with Wilson XL Braided line.

Code Description Length B/S (lb) Diam (mm)
BWXL110 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 150y 10 0.22
BWXL115 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 150y 15 0,25
BWXL120 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 150y 20 0.28
BWXL130 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 150y 30 0.34
BWXL150 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 150y 50 0.42
BWXL320 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 300y 20 0.28
BWXL330 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 300y 30 0.34
BWXL350 Wilson XL Braid Yellow 300y 50 0.42


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