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The Daggerman jig is a 60:40 front weighted vertical jig specially designed for aggressive predators like amberjacks, yellowtail kingfish and dogtooth tuna.

The Daggerman is best presented with short, rapid pumps with short pauses in between pumps.

The aerodynamically shaped Daggerman rips through the water column, drawing the attention of nearby predator. During the short pause, the Daggerman immediately dips its head down, resembling the natural movement of a struggling baitfish. Most hits are usually encountered right after the pause.

The Daggerman comes in 6 colours and 2 weights of 100g and 150g.

Code Description Weight Colours
MJIG02-_-100 Daggerman Jig 100g 6
MJIG02-_-150 Daggerman Jig 150g 6


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