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Product Features...

Ringed Eye:

Black Nickle Finish:

2 Extra Strong:


Colours: 8

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Mustad has released a range of bucktail jigs designed for fishing freshwater through to the deepest saltwater ledges.

Built on the 32824NP-BN 2x strong hook, the Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig features two line tie positions to give the angler options.

The nose tie allows the angler to cast and retrieve the jig, mimicking a swimming action. The top tie allows the angler to employ a more traditional jigging retrieve. But don't think there are only two uses for these jigs, clever anglers are already fitting them out for trolling dead baits for mackerel and more!

Featuring oversized 3D Eyes, the Big Eye Bucktail Jig has hand tied deer hair and Crystal Flash to give the jigs an appearance of life while being used. There is also a keeper wire located near the lead head that allows soft plastic trailers to be fitted, as well as baits.

An epoxy finish gives the head a durability against the elements and fish and the 8 colours in the range allow every angler to have the colour they want.

Sizes range from a 3/4oz jig with a 5/0 hook, all the way through to a massive 8oz jig fitted with a 9/0 hook.

Code Description Weight Hook Colours
BEB3/4_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  3/4oz 5/0 8
BEB1_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  1oz 6/0 8
BEB1.5_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  1.5oz 6/0 8
BEB2_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  2oz 7/0 8
BEB3_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  3oz 8/0 8
BEB4_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  4oz 8/0 8
BEB6_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  6oz 9/0 8
BEB8_ Mustad Big Eye Bucktail  8oz 9/0 8


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