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Livetarget is putting their best foot forward with the release of the Livetarget Rigged Shrimp.

Like anything that LiveTarget makes, the Rigged Shrimp is incredibly lifelike, and replete with a number of lively appendages that produce a natural swimming movement.

All of the Rigged Shrimp come pre-rigged with a premium hook, precision weighting system and a rattle chamber that emits a subtle ticking sound. For even more attraction, the Rigged Shrimp is also infused with real shrimp scent to provide a smell and a taste that no fish can resist.

Great for salt or freshwater, the Rigged Shrimp is one crustacean that will have both anglers and fish drooling.

Code Description Length Weight Units Colours SRP
SSF100SK Rigged Shrimp 4" 10cm 14g 4 3 $24.99

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