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The LiveTarget Rainbow Smelt Banana Bait is more than a typical lure - it is a target.

Predatory fish hunt with a plan. They corral baitfish and repeatedly attack, singling out the weak or slow.

The Rainbow Smelt Banana Bait perfectly imitates this giving the predators an easy meal to hone in on.

To achieve this the Banana Bait has a weight transfer for anglers wanting to cast long distances from shore or baot to reach fish without spooking them. The shallow running version allows anglers to over the top of rocky ledges and weed beds prospecting for barra and jacks. But this lure can also be effectively trolled along these features too, searching more area and keeping the lure in the strike zone.

Code Description Length Weight Units Colours Dives to SRP
RSB115S Rainbow Smelt Banana Bait Shallow 4 1/2" 11.5cm 17g 1 3 1m $20.99
RSB91S Rainbow Smelt Banana Bait Shallow 3 5/8" 9.1cm 9g 1 3 1m $20.99

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