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Anglers who can hone in on a herring bite are often the tournament winners.

The LiveTarget Blueback Herring Swimbait comes in three sizes and a medium-slow sink speed, making this lure perfect for anglers fishing off the scope or prospecting along weed edges for barramundi, bass and Murray cod.

LIVETARGET is delivering a Herring Swimbait that looks like it just jumped out of the bait well.

Suitable for all environments where herring are found, the Blueback Herring Swimbait will find its home in the freshwater lakes and impoundments where oversized predators lurk.

Code Description Length Weight Units Colours SRP
BBS116MS Blueback Herring Swimbait 4 1/2" 21g 1 2 $19.99
BBS140MS Blueback Herring Swimbait 5 1/2" 42g 1 2 $19.99
BBS163MS Blueback Herring Swimbait 6 1/2" 56g 1 2 $19.99

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