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If comfort and ease of use spring to mind when looking for the perfect dehooking tool, then the Toit Short Nose Pliers are just what you are looking for.

Designed for dehooking, it provides various holes in the handles to put your hook thru and tighten you fishing knot.

Made from stainless steel these Short Nose Pliers are ideally suited for removing hooks from small freshwater and saltwater species. This tool has an improved grip with a shorter jaw length, providing greater rigidity and grip strength during hook removal. The unique handle design allows for the tool to get into fairly tight spaces, especially when working around fish gills inside the mouth. The shorter jaw length and fulcrum distance also prevent bending and twisting of the jaw tips.

Sprung loaded for repeat use, the Toit Short Nosed Pliers give this tool the edge.

Code Description SRP
TOIT02 Toit Short Nosed Pliers Blue Stainless Steel $89.99


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