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Possibly one of the most underrated connections any angler has in their arsenal, a Haywire Twist.

If you are unsure or lack confidence in making a Haywire Twist, this tool will certainly put a stop to that.

The Toit Haywire Twist tool is designed to create 3 different size Haywire Twists. This Stainless Steel drop forged tool incorporates a form jaw, which helps to create a perfect initial loop for your Haywire Twist connection. Life is simple if you can hold your Haywire Twist easily. This tool can be used to fabricate a Shark Rig, or Mackerel Rig or any toothy critter rig for that matter.

The Toit Haywire Twist Tool can also be used to make a Tokyo Rig or a Dingle Dangle Rig, to name but a few. Stopping the loop end moving while you are trying to create neat, even wraps in two planes is key to the success of this tool.

Code Description SRP
TOIT04 Toit Haywrie Twist Tool $89.99

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