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The Mustad Fastach X-Rig delivers a very effective way to fish immediately above the bottom.

Constructed using a perfectly matched teardrop-style weight and Mustad EWG hook, the Mustad Fastach X-rig scoots along the bottom with a free-moving action that will undoubtedly grab a fish's attention.

Featuring a Fastach connection on the weight and the hook, the Mustad Fastach X-rig allows anglers to swap out either hook or weight in seconds and without having to re-tie. This design makes it easy to fine-tune your presentation by cycling through different baits and weights with a simple twist of the wrist. Using the convenience of the Fastach connection, the Mustad Fastach X-rig offers top-notch components and pre-rigged set-up that is ready to catch. 


Code Description Weight Hook
MFTX2/0 Mustad X-Rig 1/4oz 2/0


Code Description Weight
MXW12 Mustad X-Weight 1/2oz
MXW14 Mustad X-Weight 1/4oz
MXW38 Mustad X-Weight 3/8oz


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