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The Snyder Glas Mag Surf series comes with two option: An economy build and a standard build.

The Eco build features graphite blanks and three models that will get you on the water without an excessively high price tag. Still made in Australia and fitted out with Fuji guides, the Eco models are a great entry level rods for anyone hitting the surf.

The Standard build Snyder Glas Mag Surf rods feature a higher grade of graphite in the blank's construction to reduce weight further and give a more crisp action. Built right here in Australia, the Mag Surf series has six rods in the series including standard tip rods and white tip rods for extra visibility. Built with Fuji quality guides. the Mag Surf series includes threadline and sidecast models as well as one- or two-piece rods.

Code Description Rating Cast Weight
RSNMSWL1 Snyder Glas Mag Surf White Tip 13'6" Low Mount 1 piece 5-7kg 30-85g
RSNMSWL2 Snyder Glas Mag Surf White Tip 13'6" Low Mount 2 piece 5-7kg 30-85g
RSNMSWM2 Snyder Glas Mag Surf White Tip 13'6" Med Mount 2 piece 5-7kg 30-85g


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