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Wilson has developed a range of waterproof tackle trays that will allow anglers to keep their tackle in ideal condition, ready to go.

There are two ranges in the waterproof series, the Deluxe Waterproof Tackle Trays and the Waterproof Tackle Trays. Both ranges are also worm proof meaning your valuable plastics will be safe, so long as you don't mix and match the brands.

Deluxe Waterproof Tackle Trays

These stand alone tackle trays are built exceptioanlly tough to handle the day in and day out punishment anglers dish out to their boxes.

Four or three exceptionally strong locking hinges ensure the box will never come open and the rubber seal is recessed into the lid to ensure a perfect fit.

Internally, all of the boxes have adjustable compartment dividers that allow customisation of the trays to fit your lures, regardless of their size. With two large, deep trays, a large tray and a small tray in the range, the Deluxe Waterproof Tackle Trays are designed to go the distance.

Code Description Dimensions (cm)
333TTWD2700 Deluxe Waterproof Tackle Tray Small 27 x 18 x 4.8
333TTWD3500 Deluxe Waterproof Tackle Tray Large 35.5 x 22 x 5.5
333TTWD3508 Deluxe Waterproof Tackle Tray Large Deep 3 compartment 35.5 x 22 x 8
333TTWD350824 Deluxe Waterproof Tackle Tray Large Deep 24 compartment 35.5 x 22 x 8

Waterproof Tackle Trays

The waterproof Tackle Trays are designed to mirror the sizing of the trays included in the Wilson Tackle Bags and Kits.

These trays feature a recessed rbber seal in the lid and four locking clasps to ensure a perfect seal every time.

There are two boxes in teh Waterproof range, a large and a small Waterproof Tray, meaning anglers can swap out exisitng trays from most tackle kits and replace them with a quality waterproof option.

Code Description Dimensions (cm)
309TTW275 Waterproof Tackle Tray Small 27.5 x 18 x 5
309TTW355 Waterproof Tackle Tray Large 35.5 x 23 x 5


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