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    A full alloy body and rotor provide a rigid frame for these reels to operate on giving users smoothness that defies their price tag.


    A range of branded gear from Wilson Fishing and their main suppliers to help you make the most of your time on the water.

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Taking the very best Live Fibre technology and designing a range of the ultimate spin rods has been the mantra behind the Live Fibre Spin series of rods.

This series takes in the light line warriors all the way up to those who really want to stretch their skills and tackle to the limit.

In the last few months the range has been updated with the latest in blank technology and guide availability.

Incorporating the use of the latest guide technology, with rod lengths ranging from short 6 footers through to longer 10 footers, there is sure to be a Live Fibre spin stick to suit your needs.

Code Description Line Cast Weight Guides (+ tip)
RLF8 Live Fibre 7' Spin 1 piece 8-15kg 24-180g 6
RLF13 Live Fibre 8' Spin 1 piece 15-24kg 50-250g 6
RLF15 Live Fibre 6'6" Spin 1 piece 10-15kg 25-125g 6
RLF17 Live Fibre 7' Spin 1 piece 6-8kg 15-100g 6
RLF19S Live Fibre 7' Spin 1 piece 15-24kg 50-250g 6
RLF19KS Live Fibre 6' Spin 1 piece 10-20kg 50-250g 6
RLF20 Live Fibre 8' Spin 1 piece 8-10kg 15-80g 6
RLF30 Live Fibre 10' Spin 1 piece 8-10kg 15-80g 6
RLFSAS13 Live Fibre 6'6" Spin 1 piece 6-20kg 30-120g 6
RLFSAS15 Live Fibre 6'6" Spin 1 piece 8-30kg 50-125g 6
RLFSAS17 Live Fibre 6' Spin 1 piece 15-30kg 50-200g 6
RLFV02 Live Fibre Snapper 7' Spin 1 piece 6-8kg 10-60g 7
RLFV04 Live Fibre Snapper 7'6" Spin 1 piece 6-8kg 10-60g 7
RLFSSBTULE Live Fibre Blade N Tails Ultralight Elite 7' Spin 1 piece 4-8lb 2-14g 7
RLFSSBTUL Live Fibre Blade N Tails Ultralight 7' Spin 1 piece 2kg 2-14g 7
RLFSSBTL Live Fibre Blade N Tails Light 7' Spin 1 piece 2-4kg 3-25g 7
RLFSSBTXH Live Fibre Blade N Tails X-Heavy 7' Spin 1 piece 6-10kg 15-60g 7
RLFSSBTXOS Live Fibre Blade N Tails XOS 7' Spin 1 piece 6-15kg 20-70g 7

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