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The Ocean Thug series from Bone features an extensive range of offshore rods.

These include light jigging models, fast pitch models, slow pitch models, light casting models and popping rods.

The rods are cross wrapped in multiple angles with 100% Toray carbon sheets, whcih have been tested to extreme levels. From this testing it has been shown that these rods can handle massive fish with confidence.

Code Description Line Lure Weight
368OTLP771H Bone Light Popping 7'7" 30-60lb 28-110g
368OTLC761MH Bone Light Casting 7'6" 20-40lb 14-90g
368OTLC701M Bone Light Casting 7' 15-30lb 10-70g
368OTLJB601L Bone Light Jigging 6' Overhead 8-20lb 30-100g
368OTLJBS601L Bone Light Jigging 6' Spinning 8-10lb 30-100g
368OTJB611/2.5 Bone Jigging 6'1" Overhead 10-25lb 50-150g
368OTJB601/4 Bone Jigging 6' Overhead 20-40lb 120-250g
368OTJS611/2.5 Bone Jigging 6' 1" Spinning 10-25lb 50-150g
368OTJS601/4 Bone Jigging 6' Spinning 20-40lb 120-250g
368OTC621SF Bone Slow Fall 6'2" Power 1 10-15lb 100-250g
368OTC622SF Bone Slow Fall 6'2" Power 2 15-20lb 250-450g
368OTC623SF Bone Slow Fall 6'2" Power 3 20-25lb 400-550g
368OTS80/8 Bone Stickbait 8' Spinning 60-80lb 28-130g
368OTC78H Bone Chugger 7' 8" 80-120lb 50-250g


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