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Wilson's range of traditional landing nets are designed to be effective and easy to use.

Making use of the best components, these priced to please nets are easy to move through the water and safely secure fish in any fishing situation.

A number of different netting materials are used to give the ideal net for the given job and the variey of nets available means there will always be a net that suits your needs.

Wilson Nets

Code Description
350LNS12 Landing Net Standard 12"
350LNS20 Landing Net Standard 20"
350LNS30 Landing Net Standard 30"
350LNS39 Landing Net Standard 39"
350LNS54 Landing Net Standard 54"
350LNHD18 Landing Net Heavy Duty 18"
350LNHD30 Landing Net Heavy Duty 30"
350LNHD36 Landing Net Heavy Duty 36"
350BN3 Barra Net 3'
350BN4 Barra Net 4'
350NN4 Heavy Duty Nobby Net 4'
350LNR6 Round Blackfish Net 6'
350SN3 Snapper Net 3'
350SN4 Snapper Net 4'
350SN5 Snapper Net 5'

Prawn Scoops

Code Description Drop
350PSS30 Prawn Scoop 30" Handle 75cm
350PSS39 Prawn Scoop 39" Handle 75cm
350PSS54 Prawn Scoop 54" Handle 75cm


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