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The Nap Shad is a versatile flat crank lure that can be worked in a variety of ways and speeds.

It features a highly stable wobble that swims absolutely straight, even when retrieved at high speeds.

On a straight retrieve, its wide, flat-sided profile pushes the water on both sides of the lure, creating a wide wobble that attracts the fish's attention.

The Nap Shad dives up to 1.5m on a straight retrieve but can also be worked as a jerk bait. Twitching/jerking the rod with pauses allows the lure to dart erratically and then slowly rise on the pause. With its uniquely designed single internal ball bearing, it serves as a weight transfer system that allows optimal casting distance as well as providing an internal rattle when retrieved.

Code Description Weight Length Colours
781NP80_ Zerek Nap Shad 14g 80mm 10

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