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Winner of the prestigious John Dunphy Award for Innovation at the 2019 AFTA Show, the Mustad InkVader is a revolutionary TPE octopus soft bait that is built to look and move like a live octopus.

The InkVader even squirts non-toxic and soluble scented ink from tablets that can be added to the head cavity!

Whether you're bouncing the lure off the bottom, slow trolling or slow pitch jigging this lure, the InkVader is the closest thing you'll ever get to the real thing. The deception is real!

The InkVader comes pre-rigged with wickedly sharp Mustad Assist hooks that are forged for extra strength and feature a needle point for ease of penetration.

Available in 3 sizes and 10 weight configurations from 60g through to 340g, the InkVader comes to the market in 9 brilliantly natural colours that represent real octopus from around the world!

Code Description Colours Size
MIVK-S-_-60 Mustad Ink Vader 60g 9 Small
MIVK-S-_-80 Mustad Ink Vader 80g 9 Small
MIVK-S-_-120 Mustad Ink Vader 120g 9 Small
MIVK-M-_-150 Mustad Ink Vader 150g 9 Medium
MIVK-M-_-170 Mustad Ink Vader 170g 9 Medium
MIVK-M-_-200 Mustad Ink Vader 200g 9 Medium
MIVK-M-_-230 Mustad Ink Vader 230g 9 Medium
MIVK-L-_-260 Mustad Ink Vader 260g 9 Large
MIVK-L-_-280 Mustad Ink Vader 280g 9 Large
MIVK-L-_-340 Mustad Ink Vader 340g 9 Large


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