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The McArthy Tiddler is a traditional jerkbait plastic that has all the great features that have made the lure genre so well loved.

Available in 4.5", 5.5"and 6" lengths, the Tiddler is hand poured in South Africa with a number of design parameters that make it simple to use and effective on many different species.

For starters the head of the Tiddler is flat ended, making it ideal for rigging on a jighead or to easily locate the centre for rigging with a weedless worm hook. The body thickens from the head to form a bait profiled belly section with belly flaps that help anglers rig more easily. On top of the flat back are some guidelines that help further with straight rigging before the tail wrist thins out and into a forked tail.

This is a classic jerkbait that lends itself perfectly to short and sharp rod work that will see the lure dart from sided to side before gliding back to the bottom - a retrieve that is especially deadly for flathead, however species such as snapper, salmon, trout, tailor and bream love this jerk and glide retrieve as well.

Code Description Per Pack Colours
LMTI45_ McArthy Tiddler Fluke 4.5" 12 11
LMTI6_ McArthy Tiddler Fluke 6" 6 12


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