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Built with LIVETARGET's award-winning Injected Core Technology, the LIVETARGET Sonic Shad Bladebait features a transparent exo-skin and life-like inner core to generate its signature action and accurately imitate the profile of natural forage.

Perfect for anglers targeting suspended fish relating to steep banks and ledges, the Sonic Shad Bladebait is extremely effective in cooler weather when fish like golden perch and bass are a little slower and require a more subtle presentation. It is also outstanding for those anglers chasing flathead along drop off and through the deeper channels where a smaller profile is required to get the bites.

Two line tie positions allow anglers to customise the amount of vibration the lure produces, so the action can be adjusted according to your retrieve style or the mood of the fish.

Equipped with premium hardware, the sticky sharp double hooks keep fish pinned and prevent the lure from getting hung up on the bottom. An extremely versatile tool for locating fish in all sections of the water column, the Sonic Shad Bladebait can be fished in 1-60ft of water with a fast or slow retrieve, yo-yo'd along the bottom, or jigged vertically.

Delivering an outstanding level of anatomical accuracy, the Sonic Shad Bladebait produces a strobe-like flash with ultra-realistic paint finishes, lifelike eyes and textured scaling.

Code Description Length Weight Units Colours SRP
SNS50SK Sonic Shad Bladebait 2" 5cm 10g 1 10 $22.99
SNS55SK Sonic Shad Bladebait 2 1/4" 5.5cm 14g 1 10 $22.99


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