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Designed with an outstanding level of anatomical accuracy, the LIVETARGET Minnow Jerkbait features an erratic darting action that perfectly represents the movement of a distressed minnow.

Made with a high-impact polycarbonate lip, the Minnow Jerkbait is extremely durable and has excellent deflection properties that make it a great option for targeting fish around cover such as rock or wood.

With its slow-sinking fall through the water column, anglers can easily count the lure down to achieve the desired depth and effectively target suspended fish.

Suitable for both casting and trolling applications, an internal weight transfer system provides these lightweight jerkbaits with improved casting distance. Equipped with premium hardware and sharp black nickel hooks, the Minnow Jerkbait ensures reliable hook penetration and long-lasting performance.

Finished with ultra-realistic paint finishes, life-like eyes, and textured scaling, the LIVETARGET Minnow Jerkbait is the ultimate minnow imitation ideal for targeting gamefish in fresh- and saltwater.

Code Description Length Weight Units Colours SRP
MJB60SK Minnow Jerkbait 2 1/2" 6cm 3.5g 1 5 $22.99
MJB75SK Minnow Jerkbait 3" 7.5cm 7g 1 5 $22.99


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