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The Bone Fury 130F is a multi-function topwater lure that offers incredible diversity in use.

With its crawler fins attached, work it as a topwater crawler on the surface as it crawls across the surface on a slow steady retrieve creating soft blooping noises.

You can also open the rear flaps to create an additional splattering noise in the crawler mode. During the cast the crawler fins and rear flaps close making it an aerodynamic lure to cast longer distances.

You can also choose to remove the crawler fins by hand turning the screws on each side, transforming the Fury into a popper. Perfect for lightweight casting in the saltwater, the Fury's superb bloop on each chug attracts predatory fish to the surface.

Constructed from ABS plastic and weighing 35.5g without the crawler fins and 41.5g with them, this 130mm long lure is an allrounder that is extremely versatile in so many different situations.

Code Description Length Weight Colours SRP
Fury130F_ Bone Fury 130 130mm 41.5g (35.5g)7   $43.99


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