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Frustrated by years and years of digging your nails in or forcing hooks in between split rings because the gape on your split ring is never big enough, or the split ring flip flops about while you're trying to assemble your lure?

 Annoyed by damaging and scratching the surface coatings on your split rings with a sharp gouging edge of a 2 dimensional triangle or longnose plier serrations?

Let us introduce you to Toit designed and patent pending Split Ring Pliers.

Starting off with a 3 dimensional nose cone detail that allows for rigid work holding a split ring, the split ring does not flip flop about.

Optional 2 Stage functionality, including micro adjustment for controlled movement and controlled sizing of your gape. Need that extra gape? Well just give the Split Ring Pliers and the Split Ring a Twist in the optional 2nd stage adjustment.

Toit Split Ring Pliers comes in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large. Made from a Stainless Steel 410 J1 Forging.

Life is simple if you can open a split ring with ease. 

Code Description SRP
TOIT05 Split Ring Pliers Large $89.99
TOIT19 Split Ring Pliers Medium $89.99
TOIT06 Split Ring Pliers Small $89.99


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