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Mustad has developed a range of tools to help every angler get more from their time on the water.

The range of tools has been designed to be user friendly with a host of features throughout that will appeal to many.

Soft touch handles, titanium coating, lanyards and pouches are features that make this tool range exceptionally well thought out.

Let's look at some of the individual tools to see just how well designed they are.

The featherweight aluminium pliers come in their own pouch and have a handy coiled tether so you don't lose your tool over the side. Titaniumn coated stainless steel jaws are matched with a split ring tip to provide amazing diversity in use.

The Finesse Multiplier is constructed with stainless s teel and built to last. Soft touch grips with folding kives within make this a very versatile and lightweight tool that easily cuts braid amnd monofilament lines.

The Fish Gripping Tool is constructed with corrosion resistant black titanium nitride finish to ensure a long life. The jaws lock tight on a fish's jaw to ensure safe handling and landing and a handy coiled tether means this tool will never go over the side locked onto a fish.

The range of tools is impressive and large. 

Code Description
MT07 Mustad 6.5" Hybrid Plier with rubber holder
MT08 Mustad Stainless Steel Pliers with rubber holder
MT10 Mustad 8" Soft Grip Plier with rubber holder
MT11 Mustad 11" Long Nose Plier
MT13 Mustad Hand Crimping Tool
MT21 Mustad Aluminium Lip Grip with 40lb scale
MT22 24 piece Teflon Coated 6" Filleting Knife Bucket
MT23 Mustad Finesse Multi Plier
MT23C Mustad Finesse Camo Multi Plier
MT24 24 piece Braid Scissor Bucket
MT25 Mustad Micro Braid Scissor
MT26 Mustad Featherweight Aluminium Plier
MT29 24 piece 5" Braid Cutter and Split Ring Pliers Bucket
MT30 Mustad Stainless Steel Bait Scissors
MT34 Mustad Professional Fillet Kit
MT38 Mustad 7.5" Trigger Style  Fish Dehooker
MT39 Mustad 14.5" Trigger Style Fish Dehooker
MT43 Mustad Micro Stainless 5.5" Steel Plier
MT45 Mustad Kaiju Aluminium Plier
MT47 Mustad Plastic Lip Grip
MT077 Mustad Knife/Plier Belt & Rail Sheath


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