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Mustad's Blue Line series of knives and tools is built with high grade stainless steel to ensure excellent edges on knives and durability in the tools.

Black Teflon coated to protect the knives and tools, this coating also allows the knives to glide effortlessly while filleting fish.

Anti-bacterial handle material that is great for tropical and temperate climates finish off the Blue LIne series in a fashionable and user friendly manner.

Code Description
MT092 Mustad Blue 7" Fillet Knife Black Teflon
MT093 Mustad Blue 8" Fillet Knife Black Teflon
MT094 Mustad Blue 9" Fillet Knife Black Teflon
MT095 Mustad Blue 9" Boning Knife Black Teflon
MT096 Mustad Blue 3-Piece Knife Kit Black Teflon
MT112 Mustad Blue Serated Braid Scissor
MTB001 Mustad Blue 6" Fillet Knife 24-Piece Bucket
MTB003 Mustad Blue Small Braid Scissor 24-Piece Bucket
MTB005 Mustad Blue Carabiner 48-Piece Bucket
MTB006 Mustad Blue 1m Measure Band 48-Piece Bucket
MTB007 Mustad Blue Split Ring Plier 24-Piece Bucket
MTB008 Mustad Blue Retractor Kit 48-Piece Bucket
MTB011 Mustad Blue Fish Scaler 24-Piece Bucket


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