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Rod Codmac Mackenzie

Venom Rods

Mustad Hooks

Little to no introduction is necessary in Australia for Rod Mackenzie.

The undisputed gun of chasing Murray cod in Australia, Rod has a passion for these iconic fish and chases them the breadth of their range.

Rod has unlocked many hot spots and developed many techniques to target oversized Murray cod and these days he chooses to do that with Venom rods and Mustad hooks.

If you're keen on cod fishing check out Rod's web page ( for the best information on these great fish.

Michael Haley - Gone Fishing Charters

Wilson Fishing


Michael Haley is a third generation East Coast of Tasmania local, and hence his knowledge of fishing in the area is extensive.

Michael has 25 years of fishing experience. He is highly skilled in bait, lure and fly-fishing and has performed well in numerous fishing competitions.

In 1999 the opportunity arose to turn his passion for fishing into a business and Gone Fishing Charters was established.

Michael has established an excellent reputation as a result of consistently being able to put clients onto quality fish. He has proved the area as being one of Australia's premier fisheries.

Sean Conlan - Sean Conlon's Charters and Tuition

Wilson Fishing

Sean is full of knowledge about Brisbane's Moreton Bay, having been a guide on its waters for close to 10 years. 

Sean operates a small charter boat that caters to small groups and also carries out thought provoking and incredibly informative tuition nights and days that lead anglers to greater success.

One of the guns who unlocked the trolling for snapper secrets, Sean has a passion for all things lure fishing, but is equally happy fishing baits.

Jarrod Day

Wilson Fishing


Jarrod has been a fishing photojournalist for most of his life and his knowledge and passion for fishing is unquestioned.

Residing in Melbourne, Victoria, Jarrod regularly fishes for snapper, King George whiting and southern calamari throughout the year in his local waters. Not satisfied with these staples, Jarrod also loves hitting up his local trout streams and visiting the tropics for all that area has to offer.

Recently added to the INternational Mustad Pro Staff team, Jarrod is a key tester for Mustad and brings years of prcatical experience to the fore.

Matt and Nick Wells - The Wells Brothers

Wilson Fishing

For the better part of two and a half decades, The Wells Brothers, Matt and Nick have been prospecting every inch of water they possibly can.

Being born into a family that was strongly involved in fishing, the pair has held an everlasting passion for the sport in which they were born and raised.

The roots of their beloved sport originated in the Manilla area with Nick as a young child in the late 80's and later on to Matt in the early 90's. With amazing fisheries in close proximity including Split Rock Dam, Keepit Dam and Chaffey Dam, the boys had awesome fishing opportunities at their fingertips. With a decade of non stop fishing almost every weekend and anywhere else they could squeeze in between, the mid 2000's saw the boys take a more serious approach to the sport and branch out to bigger and better things. Years of travelling to the mighty Murray River to catch up with Rod Mackenzie, boosted their confidence and knowledge for targeting big Murray Cod. Rod is renowned as Australia's foremost authority when it comes to large Murray Cod.

The next big step was heading north to the Impoundment Barra Heaven "Lake Awoonga". It was here that the boys bumped in to another authority in the Australian fishing scene, Rod 'Harro' Harrison. Matt and Nick formed a great bond with Rod and under Harro's legendary tuition, the boys formed another major passion for these great sport fish. After several years of success at Lake Awoonga, the boys were forced to head further north after the massive downturn in the fishery after the 2011 floods. Since then Matt and Nick have found themselves regularly visiting Lake Proserpine and Kinchant Dams in the Whitsunday areas.


WIlson Fishing

Goshie is fast becoming a land based game fishing legend.

Goshie has spent years travelling Australia searching fo rhte best land based game perches from which to ply his trade. Not just keen on marlin, Goshie regularly chases all the galmour species such as longtail tuna, spanish mackerel, cobia, yellowfin tuna and more. 

His breadth of knowledge and experience on the rocks cannot be questioned and he has now moved into the relm of sharing this knowledge with the next generation of rock fishers - a testament to his skills and abilities.

Locki Nicholls

Venom Rods

Live Fibre Rods

Locki Nicholls is regarded widely as the young gun of the charter fleet in Tasmania.

A string of epic southern bluefin captures, Locki is also well versed in the skills needed to take on the legendary swordfish, a task he simply loves.

Learning from a young age, Locki has branched out on his own and created a hugely successful charter business on Tasmania's East Coast.

Jono Clark

Wilson Fishing

Jono Clark is one of the passionate group of northern anglers who love everything fishing.

No mountain is too high to climb and no distant attol is too far for Jono to visit.

Specialising on his local barra population, Jono is also a keen reef and headland angler targeting the much sought after fingermark and coral trout. Running his own small business making twisted leaders, Jono understands tackle and what it takes to get results and is one of the anglers we use as a stretch it to its limits tester where we ask him to break gear to find its limits.

Paul Thomas

Venom Rods

Paul Thomas is one of the quiet achievers in Victorian inlnad fishing.

Hugely respected by grass root anglers, Paul specialises in Murray cod fishing, but will never pass up an opportunity to tangle with golden perch.

Located in Central Victoria, Paul has been a mainstay of the Central Vic Lure Casters Series where he not only competes at the top level but also makes sure the young and upcoming anglers get all the info they need to beat him at his own game.

A real gun with a lure in the water, Paul often turns lookers into takers with clever rod and lure work.

Rocky Edwards

Mustad Hooks

Rocky is one of the Northern Territory's favourite anglers.

In the game for more years than most, Rocky regularly fishes the elite level barra tournaments and produces results that are the envy of most other anglers.

A Mustad INternational Pro Staffer, Rocky regularly tests and advises Mustad on a range of fishing hooks and accessories and is instrumental in ensuring Mustad product can handle the pressures of our tough tropical species.

Lochie Reed

Wilson Fishing

Lochie Reed needs little introduction to south east Queensland anglers.

An absolute fishing tragic, Lochie is fast becoming one of the greatest tag and release anglers in Queensland. His mainstay is fishing the local Brisbane waters, however Lochie has a burning passion for the tropical fish such as barramundi and jacks and the host of offshore reef species that pull hard and test out your skill and tackle.

Lochie is one of the handful or anglers who really understand their sounder and he will often go fishing without even throwing a lure - such is his dedication to understanding the fish and their environment.

Without doubt an absolute gun angler.

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