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Sydney rep Shane Banks fished the long weekend with his mate Aaron at Copeton Dam trying to get Aaron his PB Murray cod. This is what Shane had to say about the trip.

The trip started out fairly tough with only two small fish of 45 & 69cm for 4 sessions of work fishing similar areas to what had been working for us in previous trips.
The fish were there but not very committed and it was becoming frustrating.
After a quick pep talk from Boothy and the Mumbler Master Scott, we... decided that our final morning was going to be spent in 125 bay and 120 bay and we would switch it up a bit.
With a 3.30 start in 125 bay we both threw surface and after about 10 casts Aaron got belted by a big fish on a kingfisher wake bait but failed to stick. We thought that was our chance and we missed it. We gave the bay a good 30mins for nothing else.
A quick move to 120 bay and we started again but with no action after about 30 mins I made the call to try the mumbler in full darkness.
Second cast and I had a fish on the Venom 7' 6kg rod and it was all smiles, although we still needed a fish for Aaron who had a PB of 77cm and was running out of time.
By now the sun was breaking and we had both gone to mumblers and worked our way out of 120 bay and along the bank a bit without any more success.
Back to 125 bay we went for one last ditch effort. We rolled slowly into the start of the bay and I joked to Aaron that I won't cast yet as I'll need to get the net ready and sure enough first throw he came up tight and it was clear it was the fish we wanted.
A good fight and a few minutes later we had the big girl in the boat and it was high fives all round. Smashing his previous best by 40cm with a fish of 117 was more than we hoped for but Copeton had delivered again.
Another PB and first metery which had Aaron trembling and shaking like all that have gone before in the past few trips.
The rod was also the Venom 7 foot, 6kg baitcaster and although this fish went the hardest of any I have seen recently, it did the job perfectly.
Even though we were fishing from the boat I think the benefit of longer casts in shallow water definitely gets more bites.

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