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By Max Tan

Have you ever used a multi-piece rod? Most would say that a multi-piece rod lacks sensitivity, balance and probably even strength. Well, that's technically true when you think about it, chopping up the rods to three, four, or even five pieces. Travel rods have been in the market for a long time, and most of these rods back then just don't quite cut it.

That's when we decided to create a travel rod series. We thought about how we could build and design a reliable travel rod. One that can be used not only for travelling, but also on any typical fishing day. An everyday rod. A multi-piece travel rod that feels and performs just like those one-piece rods. A rod that could possibly even replace the one-piece rods...

Without forgetting the fact that it can simply be broken down and stored in a luggage, or a slightly bigger backpack.

These are the main concepts we had in mind when we designed the Voyage series.


Putting the concepts and ideas into the actual thing turned out to be a tough job. Getting the right balance in the blanks was key, as we were trying to achieve the one-piece rod feel, without compromising in sensitivity, strength, and durability.

It all begins in the rolling process of the blanks, that are utilizing 100% TORAYCA carbon fibre graphite sheets. During the blank rolling process, each Voyage rod was rolled in different angles and in multiple axis for a different action, balance, taper, and feel. With the multi-axis wrapping, we also incorporated the "X-GRIP" cross wrapping at the butt section, which essentially, is an additional thicker carbon strip, that provides reinforced strength and a sleek finish.

Considering the fact that we needed to fit them in a luggage, it was decided that we would divide them into 4 sections; each piece of a blank is rolled separately in production, making it identical. This is so that when anglers require replacement sections, it will be identical and will fit accordingly.

Another important aspect in the adjustment of the blanks were the multiple joints of each rod. We wanted a simple yet robust design. Each joint was designed with a reinforced layer of carbon and epoxy finish. This allows the blank to have a smooth and even bend, eliminating all flat spots at joints when it is loaded. This in turn spreads out the weight, giving it a more significant amount of strength.


Selection of guides and reel seats are vital to maintain the balance of the four-piece rod we were building. After much discussion, we decided on the FUJI K-Alconite guides for a greater durability and grit on both baitcasting and spinning models. The selection of guide size and placement of the guides on the blank is one of the most crucial processes in providing balance and sensitivity. We put in much time in adjustment of the guide placements to get the perfect balance for the Voyage series. 

FUJI ACS was the reel seat of choice for the baitcasting models, maintaining its sensitivity with its exposed blank, allowing direct contact with the blank when palming. Fuji IPS pipe type reel seat was the decided choice for Voyage Spinning models.


The testing phase was done in various places around the world. Pro Staffers of each country had an opportunity to test out some of the different ratings based on fishing targets and species, which were tested rigorously.

Once we had the gathered all feedback from the testing phase, round two of prototype rods of each spec were then produced. These prototype rods were fine-tuned and adjusted based on feedback, where mostly minor changes were made, from guide placements, butt length, EVA grip thickness, to major changes on certain specs, such as blank balancing.

After all final adjustments were made, the final prototype of each model will then be produced. These final prototype rods are a final look on the rod before the main bulk of production began.


Once the rods were confirmed, we had to design a nice case for the rod. What we wanted was a soft case that could hold each piece separately, making it ideal to be put in the luggage as a layer of protection.

We constructed the case with neoprene material that has four pockets for each blank, and has two rubberized Velcro straps that keep the blanks snug. An interesting feature of these rubberized straps is that it can be used for pulling apart the blanks if there is difficulty taking them apart with your bare hands. Also, if you are carrying multiple travel rods, the case can be used to pack up to two more travel rods in between the case.


Being a four-piece travel rod, we've put them in our backpacks, luggage, or simply carrying them on hand. So be it bashing in the jungle or forest, travelling overseas, or simply taking a public transport, it is super compact and easy handling, which is the main concept we had for the Voyage Series.

We've travelled to many destinations ever since the release of the Voyage Series in August 2017, and it has been a staple rod for most of our fishing trips. When we travel, we simply take them apart, bunch them up, put two rubber bands on the top and bottom of the bunch, and simply put them into the luggage. Of course, putting it in its case would be much safer and would highly prevent breakages in any way. We've also tried carrying them on the plane without any issues.


Some of our personal best fish were landed on the Voyage models, and it has proven itself time and time and again. Designed for all sorts of lure fishing targets, we have caught fishes around the world such as Mongolian Taimen, Barramundi in Australia, Sailfish in Malaysia, to Papuan Black Bass in PNG. The series offers a wide range of specs and ratings that cover almost all types of lure fishing situations.

At around a 70° angle, the Voyage 664H model (a mid-class rating model, available in both spinning and baitcasting) can take a load of up to 10KG (Please note that this weightage is a gauge and guideline for your information only), based on the load test conducted at our factory when it was first being developed. With its fast and medium fast action on most of the models, it is versatile in working all sorts of lures based on its cast weight of each model and fishing target. From topwater plugs, jerkbaits, sinking lures such as vibes, sinking pencils, to soft plastics. It is a travel rod that is sensitive, light, strong, versatile, and durable which can be used even on your typical day out on the water.


The Voyage Series has built a name for itself in the travel rod world, with its unique feel and retained sensitivity as a four-piece travel rod, making it one of our bestselling rods in the line-up. Of course, we still have some one and two-piece rods under development, but we will be focusing on developing more travel rods.

So when you head to the Tackle store the next time, do pick one of the Voyage rods up and have a feel. Do keep in mind that they are all 4-piece rods!

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